IoT & AI Products Built To Improve Your Productivity

Predict and Protect Your Infrastructure

Every Mission Critical Assets Of Your Business Need Personalized Monitoring.

  • Visual Mapping

    Tracking or Monitoring your hundreds of critical assets need a visual finder to locate or get insight easily.

  • Realtime Dashborad

    Infi360, we power real-time with every connected asset sensors and gateway of network.

  • Rule Engine

    Heart of our infi360 automation is our state of art Rule Engine. Every business critical assets are unique and time critical.

  • Incident Management

    Problem or Incident Occurs!! Your Audit regulators need greater insight to pattern and behaviors, and of course resolution.

  • Security

    We understand your primary concerns when it comes to Security in the new era of IoT. We run our cloud services in most advanced and secured cloud farms of Microsoft Cloud Infrastructures.

  • Reports

    Historical Reports strengthen your infrastructure for preventive measures and most problem generating environment and scenarios.

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Sensors for your Machine Maintenance Automation

Service Schedules, Tracking, Environment, Analytics

  • Proximity Sensing

    When your service staff step near to Machines, it auto push its Priority Tasks, Complaints, Regular Schedules.

  • Environmental Sensing

    Surroundings are an important factor that keeps your machine alive and healthy. Get Real-time alerts if something goes wrong.

  • Broadcast Service Forms

    Let Your service staff concentrate on actual tasks, not paperwork. Enjoy our digital e-forms for your service reports.

  • Detect Staff Presence

    Ever Wondered, how to track Staff who dont report on time for tasks in your customer place, welcome to infimote.

  • Schedules and Task

    We cover your most of pain areas, whether it is regular maintenance, ad-hoc emergency complaints, repairs, flexible to automate every aspect.

  • Alert Rules

    Your assets don't sleep, so as our rule engine. Design variety of your rules, per your asset.

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Track Your Shipments as they Move

Track your valuable shipments or moving assets with our LoRA Sensors Kit , both indoor and outdoor cost effective and advanced. We support LoRa GPS Node , 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT

  • Geo Fensing

    Upload your physical layout and map the geo coordinates. You can set your geo fencing for movement alerts

  • Vehicle Traveled Path

    Be in control of where all your assets , shipments getting moved in your facilities, complete GPS history

  • Timeline

    Not just GPS geo coordinates, map with your physical buildings, roads, landmarks, loading , unloading areas

  • Gate Keeping

    Flexibily, you can track third party vechiles, by simply attaching our sensors and enable tracking at security gate

  • Integration

    What ever your current enterprise platform built home-grown, talk to us for easy integration, and we provide adapters you need.

  • Deep Insights

    Your assets don't sleep, so as our rule engine. Design variety of your rules, per your movement scenarios.

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Now Your QR can be Smart and Responsive

Realtime Templates - Live Chat - Push Messages - Analytics

  • Media Gallery

    Complete Realtime. News, Photos, Videos. Be latest with your product information and link it in variety of your products and services. Let your customer engage realtime with rich experience.

  • Scan and Push Messages

    Be in control of your QR Campaign. Realtime Statistics of how many customers show interest on your products. Push Advertisements realtime by targeting customers based on metrics.

  • Scan and Chat

    Take Customer Care to next level. Let customer scan your QR and link to your chat service. Support your customers from anywhere , anytime. Collect customer ratings and measure your suport team performance.

  • Show Your Brand

    Be Everywhere Contextually. Welcome , Brand Identity, Show More Information such as catalogues, similar products or services, audio guide or short ad.

Yes, We do Customization & Consulting

We Understand IoT Sensor World Better, Our Consulting Will Help To Choose Right Solution and Sensors For Your Business.

IoT & Sensor Automation

IoT is Still Maturing, and Our Core Principle Involves understanding the right operating Sensors, Hardwares, Gateways, Machine protocols that needed for Your Infrastructure. We engage on Prototypes, Hardware Designs with our Partners, Development and Deployments.

Mobile App

Any Solution without Mobile Apps is incomplete. Our experienced team designs the best user-friendly apps that your team needs, with our IoT sensors and gateway experience we develop best Mobile Apps for your automation needs, it could be native iOS, Android or any other Cross-Platform Tools such as PhoneGap, Xamarin

Cloud Application Development

You need a complete understanding of what is Sensors Automation and how it improves your human process and how it drives your day to day business operations. Running it on Cloud needs extra careful planning, strategies, cost-effective techniques, and more importantly maintenance. We have been working on Microsoft Azure, AWS form its early days.

Enterprise Integrations

Your company has grown up already, for sure you have many applications. IoT, Cloud, Sensors, Mobile Apps, Monitoring, Tracking, Tracing, whatever the technical terms, a solution should be easy to integrate with your existing applications to benefit from homegrown systems. We help you to size your infrastructure with right integration tools

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